Social Media Marketing

SMM means “Social Media Marketing”, which is also often referred to as social networks marketing or online marketing. Basically, the main goald of SMM is to draw attention of social networks users to a certain product or a website. This is done by using tools, characteristic of each given social network.

Social Media Marketing goals:
Search for the target audience and the study of its interests.
Selection of platforms, methods, and tools that can be used to promote a product.
Increase in audience by stirring up interest, which includes promotional offers and competitions with prizes.
Monitoring of website promotion: statistics and growth dynamics analysis.
Company image creation: promotional campaigns, feedback, settling of disputes and controversies.
Stages of SMM services provision:
1. Selection of platforms
Selection of platforms to promote a website. There are a lot of different social networks, and each network has a unique audience. This is why before promoting the product, we must confirm that the promotional campaign will fit the given social network.
2. Creation of a platform
Creation of a platform to communicate with the audience. The platform should constantly stir up interest and draw the audience’s attention with interesting and relevant content. Which leads us to the next stage:
3. Viral content
Viral content that gets a lot of likes and shares. With viral content, reasonable financial investment and promotional company, the platform will generate enough hype to make the next stage possible.
4. Project monetization
This is the most difficult and controversial stage, since the ultimate goal of SMM is to convert subscribers into customers. Monetization can go both ways: it’s possible to reach reasonable income even with 3-5 thousands of subscribers, and go bankrupt with tens of thousands of subscribers.
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